Occupy Birmingham

Occupy Birmingham is a non-violent movement in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.

Political Freedom without economic equality is a pretense, a fraud, a lie.

—Bakunin - 1870 (via occupybirminghameducation)

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

It was made apparent last night that Occupy Birmingham could benefit from small group discussions. Discussions held in large groups have been dominated by a few speakers while many observers and those new to direct political actions are beginning to feel isolated.

In order to welcome new ideas and those who are open to the cause of the Occupy movement, a series of what are being called “teach-ins” will occur this Sunday, October 23 at 2:30PM in Brother Bryan Park. 

These discussions will be lead by volunteers in order for attendees to be able to express ideas that might not have been covered in Occupy Birmingham General Assemblies or at least not covered as well as some individuals have liked. Attendees should feel free to move between discussion groups all afternoon.

The teach-ins will be followed by a General Assembly meeting at 4:30PM.

October 15 is our Global Day of Action!

In solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and everyone who has come out in support of the 99%, Occupy Birmingham will be marching today! At 2PM we will be meeting at Railroad Park (www.railroadpark.org) to organize in order to open dialogue among those in attendance and discuss the general direction of Occupy Birmingham as well as plan our march. At 3PM we will march from Railroad park to 5 Points South and back. At 5 Points expect singing and chanting followed by a march back to Railroad Park.

Occupy Birmingham has a permit to march with amplification. William Bell has informed organizers of the event that police will not interfere with the action as long as we act within the law and precautions have been taked to ensure this happens.

We understand that some supporters might have physical difficulties that will not allow them to march the entire way or possibly hold supporters from marching at all. Please feel free to join us at 5 Points for our demonstration. 

If you can only march part of the way, please set up carpool arrangements accordingly.

Don’t know who Jesse LaGraca is…take a couple minutes to find out. Here he is being interviewed.

Brief clip of Occupy Birmingham’s peaceful demonstration on October 9.

Who are the 47%?

The 53% have made themselves known. Who exactly are the other 47%?